Extra, Extra! Tam Nails It!

What the what? Tam came out of nowhere and stuck the landing on Monday night! Lovely maroon dress – note the sew crease detail on the sleeve – and an inoffensive long necklace to go with. Her hair looks great and she’s beaming, knowing we were in her corner (our love is tough love) all the time.

Judy appears to be cautioning us not to get too excited — Tam could lapse, after all.

Judy, that’s part of what keeps us watching.

We’ve seen this silk-I-think suit before. Lovely on Judy. I like the sharp shoulders. Not padded, I don’t think, or maybe slightly, but tailored.

Dave Phillipps of the New York Times sported a great look in (conservative) Colorado Springs, while reporting on the cover-up by the US military and govt of the Syrian airstrike several years ago that killed civilians. and no military. The story’s tragic, but the style is a winner. Love the red-washed walls with the black-framed artwork. Note the manual typewriter, kids, on the stand to his left. Groovy guitar to his right. Casual suede jacket and Covid beard (he’s probably better looking without that but what can we do) complete the look. Nice reporting and nice ensemble.

Stay tuned!

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