Judy Gets Festive!

It’s holiday time here at the blog, and I for one am glad to see our fearless leader gettin’ in the spirit of the thing. Love this red jacket-and-dress combo. Red has been one of her best colors, other than during those awkward few months when her hair was strawberry-ish. Who didn’t do some crazy hair thing in the dark days of the pandemic’s infancy?

I also dug this dress. Judy seems to be choosing longer short sleeves and they become her. She is a quiet fashion icon. Wonder who made this? Maybe Akris? Escada?

Judy took PBS to the cutting edge of fashion last night (and to the cutting edge of fashion was a long way to go for PBS) with this hot number. I went nose-to-tv screen to check out the neckline. It looked like a cowl neck to me, but I wasn’t sure until we got this shot of her from the back. I’m still not sure. Looks like a shawl collar in back.

Who looks as good from the back as Judy, I ask you? Not I. Look at that hair (as discussed some time ago, it could be a fall but what a fall it is). Anyway, the collar is great. Here’s hoping she wears the getup again. I am sure she won’t disappoint.

Speaking of “disappoint,” this outfit of Lisa’s didn’t work for me. Boat necks are tough to pull off for anyone. The earrings worked, for one reader at least, who inquired where she might find them. I don’t know, but I throw it to you, dear readers.

Amna freaking killed it last night. Look at this beautiful purple and black top with a nice turtleneck. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me this holiday season to see Amna livening up her wardrobe. She also has taken a page from Yamiche and dusted her eyelids with a shade that complements the top. Nice MODEST hoop earrings, too. Look at that hair. I think I see some highlights which, while unnecessary, give her look added depth. Let’s drink a cup of cheer to Amna!

Speaking of turtlenecks, I simply must take this opportunity to share my perennial fave New Yorker cartoon:

Now THAT’s comedy.

I saved the best for last, like the proverbial partridge in a pear tree (wait, that was the first gift, not the last. But it’s sung last in the song. I digress).

Judy watchers know Paul Solman loves himself a hat.

But it’s not always the right hat.

Reporting from Casablanca, presumably, Paul can be seen bringing us a story on supply chain problems. The story was fascinating, as was his outfit. What’s up with that tie? No really, what is up with it?

Ok he was reporting from LA, and yet…

I’m not saying that no one can carry off a Panama hat and light-colored suit.

See, e.g., Sir Ian McKellen:

sir Ian Mckellen | Sir ian mckellen, Ian mckellen, Actors

But maybe not with a green, horizontally-striped tie.

And maybe not on at the Port of Los Angeles?

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Judy Gets Festive!

  1. Poor Lisa. If ever there was a gal who needed structure at the shoulder…
    The more Amna Judy-fies her hair, the better she looks. A lesson for us all. Teensy weensy complaint about Judy tho are the dangly earrings. Not good on TV.
    Re that hat – Too small! It is sitting atop his head like the cap on a bottle of ketchup. Pharrell can maybe pull that off, Paul not so much.
    Thanks for the post!


  2. Just wanting to make sure you received my message about Jonathan Capehart’s wonderful suit on 17 December 2021: Was he rocking that early Jamie Fraser Outlander deep delft-blue and cafe-au-lait plaid suit OR WHAT?


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