It’s Sweater Weather!

How much do I wish I could say I snapped this after Judy and I had a few pops at lunch in her swank DC pad? A lot.

Still, this blogger is grateful for the Judy GOLD sent by alert reader Rich. Only Judy could pull off this nutty sweater. She kills me. Sweater weather, indeed.

Blue seemed to be a theme this week. This dress-and-jacket combo is not new, but it works every time.

This is my (second) favorite Judy look of the week. I love the color and the whole look. So elegant and yet cutting edge.

The rest of the week was rather blah.

Yes, this dress has the proper sleeve length. Yes, it’s an elegant cut, yes it fits Judy perfectly, and still I say… meh.

The maroon or whatever shade it is dress was better. I like the sleeve length and the slightly puffed shoulders make it au courant.

Rare misstep here. The color doesn’t flatter and the sleeves are a tad too short, especially for December. Must be hot in the studio.

Amna’s looks continue to delight. She appears to know that dusty rose is one of her colors. Nice blazer and shell combo.

Brooksie looked great on Friday. Love the windowpane shirt, though I would have thought it was more of a summer look, but I am out of my depth in men’s haberdashery. Still love the button-down collar and the preppy-yet-stylish tie brings it all together.

Reader Jen alerted me to Capey’s Friday splendor. This blogger was at zoo lights with the family during Judy’s show. Thanks to Jen, I went back and it was worth it. I never in a million years would have endorsed a BROWN tie. The wool jacket with the simple pocket hankie (fingers crossed it’s unused) and a plain white shirt (collar still too small for this blogger) really worked. Go Capey!

Here’s to donning our best holiday sweaters this week!

Merry merry to you all!

3 thoughts on “It’s Sweater Weather!

  1. Ah, I enjoy this blog so much. Though I’m not very good on fashion, I’m big on opinions and comment as we watch. Thank you for all the fun. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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