Judy’s on Jeopardy

Note the title does not say “Judy’s IN Jeopardy.” That would be awful.

I have a feeling that many of us who watch Judy also watch Jeopardy. (The good money says we also watch All Creatures Great and Small, but that’s for another post.) Perhaps we play along with the contestants, envisioning ourselves besting one or more of them.

But not Amy Schneider. She rules.

Amy Schneider Beats Family Record As Her 'Jeopardy!' Win Streak Continues

She is a super-champion and you can feel through the tv that boy-next-door Ken Jennings is rooting for her.

Still, all the contestants, EVEN AMY, missed the clue about Judy, which was totally easy (I forget exactly what it was and I can’t find it on the Interweb, but rest assured you, dear reader, would have gotten it without the picture). But there WAS a picture, and a lovely one from days of yore. (See above.)

You could tell on Tuesday that Judy was still reeling from the shock:

Loved the outfit and alert reader John was the first to note that it’s new. What is that, cornflower blue? Love it. So powdery and just right for right now.

The close of 2021 saw lots of Amna as Judy took a well-deserved week off. Some outfits were better than others.

The above didn’t do it for me. Too boxy.

Now this one, in burnt umber (thanks Crayola) was a winner. Nice sleeve length, puffy shoulders are au courant and the nails were a dandy accompaniment.

This one wasn’t so appropriate for winter. I don’t give a care how hot those studio lights were. It was December.

Classic Amna showed up in her semi-famous “paper-clip” necklace and tailored jacket. Point: Amna.

Hilarious commenter Diana from LA reported today that Fox News has attempted to drive a wedge between Judy and Yamiche, asserting that Judy was “frustrated” that Yammy scored an interview with Prez Joe and Judy didn’t. Let’s see if Judy’s Twitter account mentions this alleged spat. Hold, please.

Of course it doesn’t. I am biased, duh, but it just doesn’t fit with everything we’ve known about Judy forever. It does fit with Fox News. Still, props to Diana for noting it and keeping tabs on all kinds of media for us.

Keep those comments coming! Belated happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Judy’s on Jeopardy

  1. I was going to comment on the new suit last night, but I haven’t heard from you for a while, and thought better of it. I like the color very much, but the color bothers me. I don’t know how to describe clothes like you do. But I think she would be better without that jacket but she’s always perfect just as she is

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  2. I think that Judy’s suit looked a nice shade of pale grey rather than cornflower, and pretty sure she has worn it a few times before. I think it looks very nice. Re: Jeopardy, my husband and I both gasped when none of the contestants recognized Judy.


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