Gimme Something to Work with, Judy!

What a ho-hum week. I am tempted to agree with commenter Julie, who wrote “some of Judy’s clothing is dull and repetitive.” I was under no obligation to approve that comment, mind you, but I did. What’s worse, I fear that this week, at least, Julie was right.

Take a gander:

Apologies for poor photo quality but crisper focus would not have livened up Judy’s selections this week.

Is she feeling the same Covid/winter/climate change/armageddon blues as ordinary mortals? Say it ain’t so.

But maybe it is, because Wednesday brought no relief.

Slightly interesting cut of this dress, but we must admit it was “repetitive.”

Fortunately, we had Judy’s supporting cast to liven things up:

That Tam is just a darn BUTTON I tell you. Look at that little tiny smile! Love her.

Don’t love the earrings.

Save them for jeans and a white button-down, Tammy. Maybe throw in some nice Frye boots.

Lisa did better than usual early in the week. Some love her hoops but not this blogger.

Is it Covid that keeps her from getting a haircut? ABOVE THE SHOULDERS, I say. Her face is long, and that’s ok, but the length of her hair makes it look REALLY long, almost like this: Lugz Men's Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot Black, 14 : Clothing, Shoes  & Jewelry

I guess that’s mean, but this blogger also has a long face, so I know from whence I speak. Finally got my Covid locks cut this week. Yes, above the shoulder. Do I wish I could carry off longer hair, sure, sometimes, but let’s be real.

You don’t want to know how many pictures my camera person (just kidding, I) took to try to make Lisa’s head look, well, proportionate, on Wednesday.

Nothing doing.

Lisa does not seem to take our advice, no matter how direct.

Could it be she does not read our blog? Perish the thought.

I fear someone at Judy’s show is mean-spiritied. For the longest time, like months, anytime there was a story on unemployment, they showed the same line, at the head of which was a woman in a Jack Skellington hoodie. I am sure she didn’t appreaciate the air time.

They changed the picture for the latest story on unemployment, but I ask you…

One can only hope Brooksy and Capey will liven up the sartorial story for us this evening.


3 thoughts on “Gimme Something to Work with, Judy!

  1. I SO love Lisa, so I am ashamed to be snarky, but that jumper has got to hit the Goodwill (or as my sister said, sent to the von Trapp family). And her hair . . . I can’t think of any un-snarky way to say it, so as they say, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. We adore you, Lisa!


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