The Eyes Have It

Let’s focus (pun intended) on the current look in eyeglasses: big black frames.

Worn so well earlier this week on Judy’s show by Dr. Kimberly Manning of Emory University:

Her whole look is fabu. Love the Burberry scarf perfectly tied. Love the hair. Love the racing bibs and the artwork in the background. A++.

Whoa – Lisa has taken a fashion leap with these babies! She went from the 70s granny frames, completely bypassed the intervening decades and zoomed to the present. She looks adorbs. Love seeing another part of her home. The collegiate look with the camelhair blazer and the black crewneck ties it all together.

Even this ol’ blogger has taken a step toward fashion this week with some new frames for my peepers. Here’s my version of the heavier frame:

Now for the Judy fashion wrap-up.

Judy sported the Escada starburst Monday, to my surprise. She usually reserves it for special occasions.

I used to like the blue kimono/DVF-style wrap, but it’s looking a little straight jacket for my taste:

Did we go overboard praising Judy for how blue flatters her?

She wears it ALL the time.

I did not snap the look with the green-on-green self-made-sweater set she wore again. That felt mean.

Amna’s branching out, if not in her fashion (yawn), but in how she lets us into her home. Perfect poster for a reporter. I can’t make out the Lichtenstein-like image to her left. This room is more interesting than the living room with someone’s red-spined law books we usually see.

We have seen this look on Lisa before, and it flatters her.

She needs some help with that cat. I am not anti-cat, so save your comments. What started as a cute gimmick has become a nuisance that will eventually hold Lisa back.

I am all for pet loyalty, but let’s take a closer look.

Eww. Pillows on the floor (see brown one in right of image) and for the second time, we were treated to a nasty cat-hair spot when the cat vacated the sectional.

The solution: some would say drown the cat, but that is not my style.

Why not get a black or brown blanket for the cat to be gross on?

The cat meowed at the end of Lisa’s segment, almost causing Lisa to giggle. I did find that charming.

Once in a while, I ask myself what happened to 80s rocker Billy Idol.

30 Popular 80s Hairstyles For Men (2021 Guide)

I wonder what triggered it this week?

Absolutely shameless book-plugging by Helen Zia: Last Boat Out of Shanghai and Asian American Dreams carefully positioned on her bookshelves. She hogged all the airtime in what could have been a strong segment on discrimination and beatings of Asian Americans in the US.

Tune in tonight for Power-Chick TV: Judy interviews Janet Yellen.

Here’s hoping Janet wears her purple jacket with the upturned collar.

5 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Blogger, so pretty! Love the glasses. Lisa’s too. I have to disagree on the cat. I know it is a shtick but I dig it. I don’t even mind the hair on the throw; it humanizes what is otherwise a very corporate-looking abode. Can we drown the throw pillows instead? I mean…brown? Why? Why is one on the floor? And while we are on decor, Amna’s curtains belong in a college dorm and nowhere else. On the plus side she cut her hair and looks more appropriately Judy-adjacent.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Diana! I always love what you have to say. I see your point on the cat. I know – maybe the cat freaked out about the brown pillows and hurled one to the floor? I hadn’t noticed Amna’s curtains and you are so right!


  3. I am glad you posted your actual picture. I happen to think you’re quite pretty. I am stuck in the middle of Illinois, getting ready to travel and stay in band Oregon. It is nice to have someone to talk to you like you. Seriously

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  4. I don’t know about Lisa’s new glasses. I take your word for their hipness, but they look like part of a Halloween costume to me, or maybe a flotation device. Yours, on the other hand, are tasteful, and within the human range. Did you see Tam’s top last night (3/8)? I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not, but it certainly made an impression.


    1. John, you are not the first commenter suggesting the glasses might be a bit… much. I think she could have used a little lighter weight glasses, especially on the bridge. I have to go back and look at that top. Usually I refrain from commenting on anything about Tam because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but I might have to break that rule. Thanks for reading and writing!


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