Lady in Red

Love this red. Yes, we’ve seen it before, but the lady in question works for a public news channel. I like the boxy shape, which is a departure from her usual fitted silhouette.

This evening, Judy wore one of her summer dresses. It’s unusual to see Judy in a print, as we know (other than the iconic Lucille Ball/cherries number). You see from the image below that we are back to fitted frocks.

I’ve always found this one interesting because the print looks like a coloring book that bored the child. Why else would one flower be an outline only?

Yams was apparently out playing night mini golf, if the teensy lighthouse is any indication. She tried to throw us off the scent by claiming that she was on the plane that was delayed by GROSS cicadas swarming its engine. (See yesterday’s blog.) We are not fooled.

I don’t feel like I’ve seen fuchsia with camel before -only seen it with black.

The combo seems to work.

Readers will recall I am a big fan of Yam’s coats and her makeup (the pink on her lids here goes so well with her lips and with the shirt).

Readers loooove (lurve, in some cases), Amna. I think she’s a top-notch anchor-to-be but sartorially dry as all get out. See, e.g., below.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. That cat necklace did not amuse our readers. Diana aptly called it “Too Cute, ” but then Lisa has had a problem accessorizing from Day 1. Why not follow Judy’s lead and avoid necklaces altogether?

Not sure what she’s doing here with the three layers in June. Lose the button-down, honey.

I was so digging Ajay Banga and his Mastercard Foundation’s donation of $1.3 billion with a “b” to fight Covid in Africa that I wanted to dust off the ol’ resume and join his team, though Purchase, New York doesn’t have the glam factor of Park Avenue, does it?

Plus which he’s a Sikh. Sikhs are cool, as far as research has told me. No drinking, gambling, haircutting. I couldn’t make it for one hot second. I don’t mind the no-haircut rule (does their holy book mention partial highlights, I wonder?), but missing out on a nice G&T in summertime?

As if Boris wasn’t ipso facto silly enough, he and Prez Joe upped the bizarro ante by having a photo op next to a cat house. No, not a house of prostitution, a literal cat house, shaped like a tree stump.

Seriously, what’s up? Is it covering a spigot? A gas line? They couldn’t move it for the shot? Whatever it is, it’s cracking Joe up and he could use a laugh. Not surprisingly, Boris doesn’t get the joke.

The world leaders got the the deluxe faux-stump. (Technically, it’s a “Zilla Basking Stump and Reptile Hideout”). You can be the proud owner of the mini version, available on and shown here:

Zilla Basking Stump & Reptile Hideout

Reviews say it’s “Leopard Gecko Approved.”

And lastly this evening, you know it’s summer when… (No, not when the cicadas emerge. Fortunately this brood – even the word “brood” makes me cack – only comes out once every 17 years.)

…When the teenage interns report for duty!

Apparently, Danny is too young even to get braces. If he plans to wear that getup to his bar mitzvah or confirmation, he’s gonna need a new tie.

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. We can agree to disagree about the boxy red. But I always enjoy reading your writing it usually makes me laugh at one point or another. I love the floral print she’s wearing even though I probably would’ve never thought of it like a coloring book with an colored leaves. I’m really relying on voice activation because I broke my wrist the other day. Anyway keep up the good work

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