Judy, Judy, Judy! Look at you! You saved me from the slough of despond today! You dialed it up several notches! Here I was, fearful I’d tune in to you in a Snuggie today. No, it’s a fetching combo: a silk, single-button blue blazer (Royal?) with a textured cornflower shell underneath. So perfect with your eyes!

And what’s that I spy? Studs! Yes! Some lovely chunky silver things.

She’s as fresh as a House intern on the Hill, as lovely as a law student going for that first internship with the white-shoe firm, as crisp as a Braeburn apple in October…

OK, I jumped the shark (who doesn’t like a Happy Days reference) with that last one.

You did it! Thank you!

Two days until Shields and Brooks, but who’s counting?

I know it’s not deliberate — yet — but Judy’s not giving me much to work with. The black dress is flattering and reflects these sober times but what more is there to say? I applaud her for refusing to wear turtlenecks or scarves, like so many of us of a certain age.

The black and silver drop earrings (thank you, Kate, for giving me the right word) remind me of the annual pearls sale the Japanese embassy used to have in DC. All of us kids flocked to it. Maybe Judy had an intern pop over and pick these up. The bottom part of the earrings could, we can hope, can’t we, be black pearls.

The drop earrings do liven up today’s missive, because they can be controversial in the workplace. As Kate suggested, they may not be appropriate there at all. The Comments section is not the first place this blogger has heard that. Years ago, I worked with an icky older man at Evil Big Bank who slavered that drop earrings were too “erotic” to wear at work. And he wasn’t talking about his ears.

I won’t go that far but I would like to see Judy switch up her look. As Kate suggested, perhaps some diamond studs?

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OK, not LeBron-sized diamond studs.

Poor Judy’s lobes would be down to her knees. Something tasteful, more than a chip but less than a fist.

Speaking of LeBron, I might need to turn to sports players’ old looks to liven up this blog. Back in the studio, I could see Judy’s hands and tasteful watch. Now I am limited to her (admittedly lovely) torso. I’m begging any of you who know her to ask her to liven it up for one of her most ardent fans. Mary, I’d take pajamas.

First, kudos to me for the excellent snap of Judy.

When I tuned in to NewsHour (which my dear friend, Hunter, still refers to as McNeill Lehrer – you go) tonight, I thought Judy was rocking the teal. I felt good about it.

Upon closer inspection, I was devastated to realize that Judy had mailed it in. Clearly, this is not a sweater set. It’s a tealish shell under a teal cardigan. Who does she think she’s fooling? Not this blogger. And what’s with the black earrings? Is she falling apart? Perhaps she was so despondent about the internal administration documents predicting 3,000 COVID-19 deaths per day by June 1 that she couldn’t piece together an outfit that said “I care.”

Was she so distracted about SCOTUS’s first-ever telephonic arguments that she grabbed just anything from her (walk-in, I presume) closet? For God’s sake, Judy, we’re counting on you.

Look, I’m not asking you to accessorize beyond earrings – Heaven knows I rarely wear them these days, but America is counting on you, Judy. I would rather have seen an entirely different color under that teal cardigan than a poor cousin of the cardigan’s shade.

In other news, my dear Peter purchased this for me (whiskey, too):

So I have an escape.

Judy, for the sake of all that is holy, pull it together.



TGI Shields and Brooks! Who doesn’t love the gentle vying of Mark and David for Judy’s affections? Despite Brooks’ charm (and occasional curls in back), Shields is the perennial winner. Who wouldn’t fall for that disheveled charm, those rep ties and gingham shirts?

Today, I will pimp two sites: Room Rater (@ratemyskpyeroom). Twitter neophytes, I promise it’s worth the effort to see the authors’ ratings of pundits’ Skype / Zoom rooms. Bonus points for finding Judy’s (I couldn’t). I learned that Lisa took their advice. (Her room was looking crackhouse-grim, but a new camera angle cleared it up.) The other is The New York Times’ “What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?” Apologies for the paywall.

Speaking of bookshelves, no movement on Judy’s today. Grant is still atop Gettysburg.

OK, to the guts. I was initially shocked to see Judy pairing a plum (thanks, Peter) boucle jacket with red dangly earrings. Even Judy couldn’t pull off the red-purple combo. I was concerned that the White House’s refusal to allow Fauci to testify had knocked her off her sartorial game. Reader, I was wrong. The little knobbies in Judy’s plum jacket are red! It was just another brilliant pairing. With that I bid you Good Weekend. Remember, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be different than other days.

I did better with the photo, so that’s something.

Judy, you didn’t give me much to work with today. I could point out that the dress is royal blue, because you are the QUEEN of the evening news, but that’s a softball.

At first I thought the earrings were nothing special; just faux pearls. But what if they’re real? That would be cool. What if they are encircled by sapphires? Would she go that large for an at-home taping? I can’t say.

The intrigue is playing out behind Judy, so to speak. “Grant” is back. This blogger must ask why. Should I posit that she burned through the second half these past few days, due to a (misplaced) sense of duty to her viewership that she not have anything on her shelves she hasn’t read cover to cover? And why is Grant atop Gettysburg? Is that somehow symbolic? If so, how? He wasn’t there, as Judy’s viewers are sure to know. And bonus points to the reader who can tell me what’s atop “Grant.” Kudos to you, Judy, for having “Little Green Men” by Christoper Buckley right next to that pile of history.

Sure, we’ve lost 30 million jobs in six weeks, but Judy’s keeping up appearances for us all. She hasn’t resorted to the same old jeans (or has she? are they mom jeans, if so? St. John does make jeans, so maybe…), ponytail and ball cap into which some of us slid down the WFH slope. Her outfit reflects the seriousness of the shit she reports.

Judy, I could really use a two-piece outfit or a print from you tomorrow.

Judy, I did slightly better for you today. Slightly. The mouth isn’t great, and my sunroom window projected glare onto the tv screen, but I am confident I will remedy these glitches.

Let me start by saying that Judy upped her game today. So many facets of this outfit to consider. The burgundy shade damn near matches that of the image of the novel coronavirus she puts up to start her program these days. Coincidence? I think not. Note that her sparkly (I dare say flirty) earrings match her shirt exactly.

Speaking of the shirt, I love the upturned collar. I damn near recorded the shirt here as a Nehru jacket, but my husband shoveled scorn upon me for suggesting that. That’s rich, really, because if you knew him, “fashion plate” would not be the first words that came to mind. He is a history teacher (“ah,” you say, “definitely no fashion plate”) thought, so he trumped me on Nehru.

ANYWAY, I think Judy’s shirt is raw silk with a covered placket. It goes nicely with her strawberry tresses. Somehow it doesn’t clash, though I did look twice at her hair, and I believe it’s more toward the strawberry than usual. Still and all, I applaud her for (presumably) doing her own hair.

It’s possible she and Lisa Desjardins have shared lip gloss tips. That would shock me, but the shade and glossiness level look familiar. I do not plan on commenting herein on Lisa’s outfits, because she’s strictly junior varsity to Judy’s varsity at this point. Lisa looks at Judy so adoringly that I feel sure she will pick some fashion tips up from her mentor.

Re the books behind Judy: another thing I like is that several have ripped dust jackets. That means somebody actually read them. Bonus points for that.

A note of warning: on this evening’s show, Larry Kudlow warned that economically, “the next quarter’s gonna be much worse” than this one. No surprise, but this writer is left wondering whether Judy will have to re-wear some of her outfits.

Stay tuned to find out…

OK, bear with me. I just started this blog today. You’re going to have to trust me that Judy looked great today as she reported 58,000 COVID-19 deaths. Not everyone could pull off the green shell under a black cardigan, but you’ll notice she pulled it all together with the black-and-gold dangly earrings. The bauble at the bottom of the earring was like a die from Dungeons and Dragons, which I admit playing with my odd neighbor about 42 years ago.

This is not the best-ever picture of Judy. I promise I will get better ones in the future. Just learning here.

I’m telling you, something happened to make Judy replace “Grant” with “Gettysburg” on the shelf behind her. A tiff with Ron Chernow? I doubt it. I bet she had trouble getting through Grant. I’m with you, Judy. It could have used an editor.

Judy, I will do better by you in the future with my screen shot. I promise.

The First Post

I just love Judy Woodruff. She is smart, incisive, civil, insightful, poised and, as far as I can tell, a great role model for any aspiring journalist. I tune in most evenings to The PBS Newshour and I have become enamored of her sartorial choices. Never stuffy, never racy, never faddish, but always just right.

When you search “Judy Woodruff” on Google, you get thousands of hits, some about her clothes, but I think this is the first one solely focused on her clothes.

Why her clothes? Why not her journalism? Books should be written about her journalism. This is just for fun. She’s so boss with those cool lady-suits and those dangly earrings. What are they? Rubies? High-class paste?

I should add that I don’t know much about fashion so you won’t see brand names here. She might be wearing Chanel, but she might be wearing something downmarket that only she has the flair to pull off.

In this time of COVID-induced self-quarantine, of elastic waistbands, baseball caps and infrequent showers, it’s a delight to tune in every evening to see Judy. She looks like a damn million bucks, sitting in front of her bookshelf (but what happened to the Grant biography? It was there a day ago) all turned out and spiffy. It just makes me happy.

So here we go…

My name is Megan. I have been watching the PBS Newshour for years. Every time I see Judy Woodruff, I get happy. She is intelligent, incisive, insightful and as far as I can tell, a great role model. I’m 52, so I shouldn’t need role models, but guess what? I still like having them. There isn’t anything else you need to know about me right now.

This is about Judy.