I could swear I’ve seen this top before, but my crack summer intern from a highly-rated preschool begs to differ. Not much to say about the outfit though. It’s fine, if a little meh. Still, we should be grateful that Judy hasn’t taken her summer holiday to the Delaware shore yet. Impressive. She is onContinue reading

Guess who’s a granny? THIS BLOGGER! I am dying to post a picture of the adorable little baby girl, but I want to respect the family’s privacy. Grandpa Blogger is floating around the moon somewhere. Haven’t seen him all day. Anyway, Judy looks great in this shade of blue and the pearls accent it perfectly.Continue reading

My archivist tells me Judy wore this black tank less than a month ago, on May 27, with the same earrings, but she still looks SUPER! Also love the white peonies and the hydrangea off to her left (our right). Lookin’ great and early-summer-ish. So today marks the highest one-day surge of coronvirus infections sinceContinue reading

I don’t care what anyone says — Judy looks like a million bucks, and I caught her smiling! I love the ’90s zipper look. So Commander Salamander (for those old enough to remember the punk mecca in Georgetown). The earrings have black in the center, I think, and they go marvelously! Knocked it out ofContinue reading

Ordinarily, I am a fan of bright orange for blondes, but as at least one commenter has noted, Judy is not a blonde, but a strawberry blonde these days. I like the cap sleeves and the zipper and the collar, but does the color work? I think it’s too much orange-with-orange today, sorry to report.Continue reading

Judy looked positively noble this evening in a navy blue covered-button blouse and silver earrings. Great color with those eyes. Too bad she didn’t give me enough to work with for the blog. I am committed to trying to be mostly positive in this forum, so tonight was a challenge. SCOTUS handed a huge andContinue reading

I love the fuchsia sleeveless look on Judy. Some might say it clashes with her strawberry hair, but not me. Same lovely basketweave earrings as last night and I’m ok w/that. This color really flatters her, in my opinion, but eager for your thoughts. Really big times for NASCAR. I lived in the heart ofContinue reading