Opening up, indeed! It’s another new outfit for Judy! I love the militaristic look of the zipper/epaulet detailing. The timing could be off, though as militaristic is not en vogue these days. Nice earring choice. Would have bet she’d go with one from her “red drop” earrings collection, but no. Good job, Judy! Philonise Floyd,Continue reading

Bad picture day. Sorry! Her eyes were closed in all of the photos I took. Maybe she was so tired. I haven’t seen this outfit before, though I admit I am getting her reddish drop earrings mixed up at this point. Is someone making them for her? Anyway, the outfit is fine. I have preciousContinue reading

“There are many more important things to think about right now than clothes.” That’s what Judy’s outfit is telling me, and she’s not wrong. Possible that she just threw on the all-purpose black cardi that she keeps on the back of her (home) office chair for when Mr. Judy turns up the a/c too muchContinue reading

What a f&^*ing week! Judy did it justice with her short-sleeved metallic blue and super red-and-orange drop earrings. They are double-drop. I wouldn’t have paired them with this top but of course Judy can. First thing that came to mind today was of course the rioting pursuant to the killing of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis.Continue reading