It’s Raining Men!

RIP Hank Aaron. Judy must know that royal blue suits her. I like this (new, I think) dress. Not so much the meh sweater set. I still like this wrap top. Could be J. McLaughlin for all I know. Becoming. Yamiche’s background is the same but still… striking. Her makeup continues to be flawless. IContinue reading “It’s Raining Men!”

Yamiche Was Wearing Whaaaaa?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. It’s dear that Yamiche wore her version of Judy’s famous Escada sunburst outfit. I think last Friday was Yamiche’s first time hosting Washington Week, and she dressed for success. Of COURSE she wanted to look just like Judy. Shout out to a loyal reader and alsoContinue reading “Yamiche Was Wearing Whaaaaa?”