What the What?

Yesterday started out as a normal day, with Judy wearing the green dress she had worn on St. Patty’s Day. Nice neckline…

…. And Yamiche’s fine reporting was recognized as she was named host of Washington Week in Review.

And then things turned scary.

The Carter Center shared a photo of the Bidens visiting with the Carters.

Heartwarming idea, but TERRIFYING in its execution:

Jill Biden, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Joe Biden

Holy crap!

Watch out, Jimmy and Rosalynn! The Bidens area about to crush you!

This is NOT an edited image, and it quickly turned into a meme. Late night hosts had a field day. Apparently, the room was not large enough for the cameraperson to back up, forcing them to use a fisheye lens.

As I said, yesterday, I prefer JUDY to be mighty, but this should put the lie to concerns about Joe’s age and fragility.

See ya next time!

“Red” All About It!

It’s been a while, so let’s get right to it.

Judy slayed once again yesterday, this time in red. If it were earlier in the pandemic, and therefore in the use of the now-iconic image to her right, I would have accused/complimented Judy on matching the virus, but I daresay this was a coincidence.

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. I wouldn’t put it past Lisa to call Judy every afternoon to ask what she plans to wear on the show. Lisa just “happened” to wear red yesterday. Given the heat we had in the mid-Atlantic region (watch out – them cicadas is comin’), Judy’s was the smarter choice. Lisa must have been roasting in three layers.

To be fair, Lisa often wears red, as seen here last week. I think she has a green top with this (dreadful) neckline, too.

Last week, in the coverage of the Chauvin verdict, we saw Minneapolis resident David Gholar in the best kind of red – an homage to Mr. Rogers.

Judy did it again and again last week with her outfits, some new, some old, but all smashing. Readers love this little bolero jacket — or it is part of the dress itself?

I swear, only Judy can carry off winter white. Love the ruffled sleeves and the neckline on this. Why doesn’t she get her blue Flair pen on her white outfit?

Because she’s Judy, that’s why.

For this blogger’s money, Judy looked better in the color than Elizabeth Taylor, who might have overdone it a tad:

Elizabeth Taylor Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image | Shutterstock

I don’t love this shade of green but it’s a step up from the combo she threw together during quarantine times. She looks fragile in this outfit. I prefer her mighty.

Even in the depths of his grief, Philonse Floyd assembled a swell look in the style of Burberry:

Celeste Wallander’s outfit was a trigger moment for this blogger. One summer day, many years ago, I knotted a kerchief round my neck and strode confidently out to greet my friends, only to be met with, “why did you dress up as a stewardess?” (Reader, that’s what we called them back then, not flight attendants.) I was crushed. I fear Celeste might have made the same mistake, knotting her scarf a bit too tightly.

Caution: Denim ahead!

Amna looks best when she’s out of her house. I love the denim jacket with the jeans, a la David Cassidy (I couldn’t get enough of The Partridge Family, and I’m pretty sure I had an issue or two of Tiger Beat featuring him).

Is that tea he’s drinking? How bizarre.

MJMR3639 (mjmr3639) - Profile | Pinterest

Here’s another denim-sporting man, Bob Wells, of Cheap RV Living, and lately Nomadland fame. Cool dude. Love the K-9 companion.

Good movie – watch it!


The jury finds Judy and Amna guilty of great fashion sense.

What did you think I would lead with?

On Monday, this blogger was shocked to see that Judy had taken her first day off in more than a year (as far as this blogger can tell), leaving her show in Amna’s capable, bejeweled hands.

Amna channeled Susan Dey in LA Law, (Is Amna old enough to remember that show?) though Susan’s neckline was more modest:

Sexiest Couples on Network TV: spoiler_alert — LiveJournal

Judy was back in the saddle for the most important story in a long time:

It was a relief to have her at the helm again, and fun to see more of the wrap, I-thought-it-was-a-blouse-but-it’s-a-dress, we saw several times when she was WFH. Love the cuffs, babe.

RIP Walter Mondale, or “Turtleneck Walt” as he was (never) called. What a good man. This image was taken at such an angle that it appears Mondale could chomp Prez Carter’s head off in one bite if he had wanted to.

Time to toot our own horn! A most loyal reader found a glowing reference to our blog online: https://nexttribe.com/judy-woodruff/. It’s a lovely article titled, “Judy Woodruff: The Calming, Thoughtful TV Presence We’ve Needed This Past Year,” by Jeannie Ralston.

Here’s a fun excerpt:

“It seems I’m not the only one who appreciates Judy Woodruff. A woman named Megan runs a blog called, “What’s Judy Woodruff Wearing?” She describes it as “semi-regular assessment of Judy’s sartorial choices” and notes, among other predelictions, her affinity for the color blue. How cool that Woodruff, at nearly 75 years old, has a site devoted to her style?”

“Here’s a recent entry: “Judy wore her Escada Sunburst [above] for the counting of the Electoral College vote. Little did she know she would be wearing it for hours and hours while reporting on domestic terrorism. She looked like a million bucks the entire time!”


Thanks, Readers! Keep those comments coming!

Another Great Showing

Judy racked up another strong week of outfits. She had only one or maybe two slight misses, which don’t merit mention or a photo here.

She chose blue dresses twice:

And a lovely white number once:

Lisa has stowed her big black frames, perhaps for spring. Unfortunately, the knobby sweater/jacket over the patterned silk top is a combination that exceeds the boundaries of my generous fashion sense.

Who doesn’t love Charlayne Hunter-Gault? If you said, “me,” you can stop reading this blog right now. No fashion icon she, but I would love to be her pal. As Mr. Blogger noted, she has the Studs Terkel tome, Race, a strong older work on race studies, instead of one of the authors-of-the moment. She also has a Bobby Kennedy bust off to her right. Plus which she’s 79 and lookin’ sharp.

Alert reader Nancy implored me to take a gander at Tam’s showing this week. Wowee! She nailed it! Love the little sweetheart neckline (please someone tell me that’s not a bustier on PBS) and the floral jacket looks just right with that graduated pearl necklace. Way to go! Thanks, Nancy!

I don’t know anything more about Shelley Moore Capito’s politics than I heard on Judy this week, but I dig her look, though the Senator from West Virginia over-accessorized. Two necklaces and big earrings are beaucoup trop. That said, she looks like a former athlete, maybe a field hockey player (I was among those ranks many moons ago). She didn’t go in for the nip-and-tuck so many do and she’s pulling it off nicely.

You know what’s a good brand of indoor fan? A Vornado. (Vornado people, feel free to send some Benjamins my way for that endorsement.) It makes you feel as though a high wind is sweeping across your living room.

Michael Weiss had his Vornado positioned to his right just off camera. I hope he’s nice and cool.

Wow. John Boehner doesn’t give a good gosh-darn and he doesn’t care who knows it. His f -you interview (not that the sentiment was directed at Judy; more at the world at large) was pretty funny. He was just there to pimp his book, on the cover of which he’s hoisting what I can only surmise is a merlot:

The decor of his (Florida, I assume) pad was a bit of a shock:

Now for something uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t be a journalist if I didn’t ask the hard questions that lead to the hard truths, would I?

Oh wait. I’m not a journalist.

Tough beans. I’m asking anyway.

During the side-by-side with Sen. Capito, I noticed something odd. Shelley — and her wrinkles — seemed to be more in focus than Judy.

Sure enough, the same thing happened with Speaker Boehner:

We have long suspected Judy of using surgical touch-ups to preserve her youthful experience. To comment on that is beneath even the hilariously low standards of this blog. This seems to be something new, though.

I pose the hard question: Is Judy using a gauzy lens in the studio, while not extending the same courtesy to her guests?

On to happier things. Patrick Radden Keefe came on to sell his book, and look, it wasn’t anywhere in evidence when Judy interviewed him.

Turns out, if you are a good boy author and don’t shill your book during your moment in the sun with Judy, she’ll give the book its very own spotlight:

Read it. I’m planning to!

Judy’s Gonna Get Me Fired

And she doesn’t look like she cares.

Apologies for the window reflection on her right breast. It’s staying light later which is mostly a good thing.

I have been obsessively looking for the designer of this space-age zippy burgundy number all day. Zippers on the sleeves and on the front. I went down one internet rabbit-hole and then another, all without anything to show for it.

How can anyone expect me to hold down a job and keep up with Judy? She’s been busting out the fashion this week since returning to the studio.

Can’t wait to see what she does for date night tonight!

Back in the Studio!

Judy’s back in her studio and she looks GREAT! Her hair no longer looks strawberry-tinted, and she’s sporting hot pink for spring! We can even see her (tiny) waist. She gave a shout-out to her crew and to us for sticking with her. Props right back atcha, Judy.

In a smart move, Tam copied Judy’s Monday, look, causing Amy to cringe. Lighten up, Amy, Tam looks great. She even went for Judy’s hairstyle but made it her own with a right part.

Even before she was back in the studio, Judy had upped her wardrobe game with this lovely Ann Taylor-like outfit. (Anybody remember that chain?). Judy’s too highbrow for Ann Taylor, even if it still existed, but the tiny blue blazer and white shell underneath was a good look.

As you know, I rarely mention Amna because her clothes are boooorrrrring. Well, she looks super in red, it turns out. This is from last week, but worth a mention today.

Wow, Rochelle Walenksy.

This space-age number first brought to mind a the blankets runners receive after finishing a marathon:

Foil Wrap High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

But then I realized her outfit was merely taken out of context. She was going for the sexy martian look. Let’s put her back with the rest of the fam:


And for a more or less traditional finish, Tammy Duckworth shamelessly plugged her book, Every Day is a Gift. Barfy title.

Glad Judy is back in the studio!

She’s Back!

Judy’s back to giving us great looks and swell outfits. Yay!

Let’s first celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Judy and the First Family:

Jill did her best. I don’t get the vest under the double-breasted blazer. She also over-accessorized, but I forgot entirely to wear green, so I give her props.

But Joe nailed it. I LOVE the shamrocks-in-the-pocket look!

More of Judy’s recent looks:

I wish I hadn’t taken the below picture on the weekend, rather than on Friday, when Judy wore the smashing blue ensemble, because the sunlight washes out the look. An astute reader-friend noticed that Judy tends to dress up on Fridays. Date night?

Yesterday, Judy looked great in a simple black mock turtleneck. Her hair was super.

Judy even brought her granddog, Shiloh, on the show for National Puppy Day!

The dog seemed to be a handful, with Judy looking pained while waving a baseball to keep Shiloh’s attention. Aren’t all 6.5 month-old pups a pain though?

I don’t generally research Judy’s personal life, preferring to speculate based on what I see on the four corners of my screen, but I did try to determine whether Judy has a dog. I couldn’t find one. Can you?

Now for the supporting cast section.

Including the picture of Amna below to highlight the fact that my reader-friend was right that Amna has Winston Churchill’s six-volume set on her table in what I assume is her living room.

I love my readers! An eagle-eyed one found Tam’s blouse, at $219 from Rungolee. I like this blue and white version better than the green camo Tam wore. Turns out she wasn’t wearing it backwards, either!

I give the nod to Fred de Sam Lazaro, caught snoozing on cam below. He has looked like a hot mess in the field (wouldn’t a comb fit in his flak jacket?), but he looked dandy at home. I like the matte eyeglass frames.

Now let’s turn to a few guests and others.

Psst, Jen Psaki, I thought redheads weren’t supposed to wear red? You look adorbs anyway.

Anthony Fauci is a style icon in so many ways, here sporting a G-Shock watch, the coolest and toughest digital watches out there. No Rollie for this man.

Based on her appearance on Judy, I want to be Elizabeth Economy’s friend. Look at that nice face and how cool is her place? I also love her top (hard to see here) and the necklace.

Not so much for C.B. Beard. Did he just dash from the lab for this segment, or is he wearing his lab coat to look important ? Also note shameless plug for his book, Forgotten People, Forgotten Diseases. What was his name again? Oh, I’ve FORGOTTEN it.

I hope none of you missed seeing King Arthur. Judy gets all the best guests.

What more can I say?

I Had to Go There with Tam

I guess we are all tired. I don’t think Judy is even trying to delight with her outfits anymore. We need a (figurative and literal) shot in the arm. Come on, Judy. We’re counting on you.

The Monday after Judy interviewed Janet Yellen, Judy dressed just like her. Why?

Unlike Christine Lagarde, Janet is not a female finance fashion icon.

Leadership through crisis: A keynote conversation with Christine Lagarde -  Atlantic Council

On another note, an astute reader pointed out that the red books behind Amna in her living room are most likely Winston Churchill’s six-volume set on WWII:


Nice, going, reader! I will try to get a snap of them in situ.

Yamiche continues to dazzle with her coats and her makeup. This beige windowpane number is just right for spring.

Readers are not uniformly enthralled with Lisa’s new glasses. One challenge, with which I sympathize, is that of a dark bridge with a prominent nose. Sometimes it’s better to go lighter. Lisa is trying for a look, and I admire her for it.

The cat behaved itself and the pillows were in place.

I HAD a self-imposed rule not to comment on Tam’s look. Any part of it. I even skip her segment to avoid being tempted.

She is a good reporter. Let’s not forget that.


I received too many emails not to feature this top. The camo fabric is borderline ok on its own, but contorted into a peasant blouse? Who wears a peasant blouse to report on national news? The red vertical stripe dooms it. Could she be wearing it backwards?Definite fashion “don’t.”

We must not slack on fashion simply because we are one year into the pandemic, team!

The Eyes Have It

Let’s focus (pun intended) on the current look in eyeglasses: big black frames.

Worn so well earlier this week on Judy’s show by Dr. Kimberly Manning of Emory University:

Her whole look is fabu. Love the Burberry scarf perfectly tied. Love the hair. Love the racing bibs and the artwork in the background. A++.

Whoa – Lisa has taken a fashion leap with these babies! She went from the 70s granny frames, completely bypassed the intervening decades and zoomed to the present. She looks adorbs. Love seeing another part of her home. The collegiate look with the camelhair blazer and the black crewneck ties it all together.

Even this ol’ blogger has taken a step toward fashion this week with some new frames for my peepers. Here’s my version of the heavier frame:

Now for the Judy fashion wrap-up.

Judy sported the Escada starburst Monday, to my surprise. She usually reserves it for special occasions.

I used to like the blue kimono/DVF-style wrap, but it’s looking a little straight jacket for my taste:

Did we go overboard praising Judy for how blue flatters her?

She wears it ALL the time.

I did not snap the look with the green-on-green self-made-sweater set she wore again. That felt mean.

Amna’s branching out, if not in her fashion (yawn), but in how she lets us into her home. Perfect poster for a reporter. I can’t make out the Lichtenstein-like image to her left. This room is more interesting than the living room with someone’s red-spined law books we usually see.

We have seen this look on Lisa before, and it flatters her.

She needs some help with that cat. I am not anti-cat, so save your comments. What started as a cute gimmick has become a nuisance that will eventually hold Lisa back.

I am all for pet loyalty, but let’s take a closer look.

Eww. Pillows on the floor (see brown one in right of image) and for the second time, we were treated to a nasty cat-hair spot when the cat vacated the sectional.

The solution: some would say drown the cat, but that is not my style.

Why not get a black or brown blanket for the cat to be gross on?

The cat meowed at the end of Lisa’s segment, almost causing Lisa to giggle. I did find that charming.

Once in a while, I ask myself what happened to 80s rocker Billy Idol.

30 Popular 80s Hairstyles For Men (2021 Guide)

I wonder what triggered it this week?

Absolutely shameless book-plugging by Helen Zia: Last Boat Out of Shanghai and Asian American Dreams carefully positioned on her bookshelves. She hogged all the airtime in what could have been a strong segment on discrimination and beatings of Asian Americans in the US.

Tune in tonight for Power-Chick TV: Judy interviews Janet Yellen.

Here’s hoping Janet wears her purple jacket with the upturned collar.

Let’s Talk Hair

Because the clothes are just so boring these days.

Maybe spring will bring new looks. One can only hope. BTW, isn’t Judy vaccine-eligible due to age? I will sort of hate to see her go back to the studio, but the upside would be seeing more of each look, at least to the waist. No more surmising, “is it a dress or a top?” That’s too many variables for this blogger. Perhaps, though, Judy does not want to put her, doubtless young, staff at risk, so she’s staying at home. We shall see.

In a recent post, I speculated that Judy might be wearing a fall, due to the somewhat unusual back part she was sporting. Didn’t look that way on the show last night.

Thanks to one of our readers, I now know that the filters they use on Judy in her home give her an overall red tinge. I do hope her hair isn’t as strawberry -brassy as it appears some days.

Today I’d like to talk about her mini-bangs. I thought they were new, but a quick spin through the archives revealed she has had them all along. Her hair looked shorter last night and the bangs more flippy-do than usual. This look tells me she doesn’t want the commitment of bangs but she wants to flirt with them. I say grow ’em out.

For more hair news, Lisa has always worn hers a bit longer than is suitable but lately, she is edging ever closer to full Farrah.

Farrah Fawcett's Life in Photos - Pictures of Farrah Fawcett

She’s not there yet, but we need to stop her.

Did you know that Farrah Fawcett was short for a glamour puss at 5’6″? The things this blogger learns.

In the flat-as-Tam-Keith-hair department, I present Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki. It’s no psecret that she’s pstrides ahead of anyone the former president-who-shall-not-be-named offered up. I kind of like the no-accessories thing she has going.

Yamiche is giving me nothing to work with. She’s wearing that holey top again. I SAID black is not the color that suits her best. The room behind her hasn’t evolved further, either.

Readers have noted that I have not heretofore commented on Stephanie Sy’s looks. To tell the truth, it was because I feared she was trying to usurp Judy’s position as the anchor. I am over that and ready to comment. I love this blazer. Check out its texture.

I also like that she has Behind the Beautiful Forevers on her shelf. I hope she’s read it. It’s a great book about living in poverty in India.

I wish I had more sartorial news but these folks are giving me next-to-nothing to work with. Come ON, people! This is about more than the news!