Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a while so we’ve got a lot to cover.

Judy started the week slowly — apologies for bad picture, but it’s a bad outfit — with a not-quite-matching self-made twinset.

She pulled it together Tuesday with a blue jacket-and-dress (who knows?) combo. Note the picture in the red frame behind her. We first saw it a few months ago and thought maybe it was of a grandchild.

On Friday, Judy finished strong in maroon. As I have noted, I love the upturned-collar look. So flattering.

Wait – what happened to Presumed Grandbaby? The picture is gone! The plot thickens…

I have been corresponding with a reader who is an experienced tv producer. He said that the filters used on Judy in her home are too red. That would explain the sometimes startling hair color.

The same reader was curious about whether Judy was wearing a wig. I don’t think so, but In the picture below, Judy could be wearing a fall in back.

Remember falls?

I had hair like this..................This was the Jenn Annistons "The Rachel" hairstyle of its time....:)

Another mystery: why does Yamiche go bold to super effect with her overcoats, but so blah with her inside wear?

Lisa hasn’t quite gotten the hang of dressing for winter.

It’s still February, Lisa. Bust out those layers.

Another reader posited that Lisa feeds her cat to entice it to stay in the frame. I think that dear reader is right. See below two frames.

Well, Lisa gave layers a try on Friday, but I can’t get with the cheetah shirt. The blazer is a nice touch though.

People sometimes ask me, “why don’t you write about Amna? She’s so great!” Yes, she is an excellent journalist, but her outfits are boooooooorrrrrinnnggg. The notched collar below is an exception, and you know how I feel about upturned collars (on women – men tend to look like jackasses unless they are European). Two thumbs up.

It’s Time for a Closer Look

Blue is almost the only color Judy wears these days, to good effect. Above, her look last Friday. Nice lipstick, too.

Our first closeup is of David Brooks’ bizarre living room. Nothing quite works, from the black velour chairs to the color-coordinated books. Last Friday, my eyes were drawn to what I presume is the top of his tv cabinet:

What the heck are pillows doing up there? That doesn’t make a lick of sense. No one is going to clamber up there to sit, and if there is a pillow emergency, David will need a ladder to grab them. Just all around poor planning.

Don’t even get me started on Capehart. He brings no historical context to his remarks.

Yamiche continues to thrill with her coat collection. This parka was perfect for snowy Monday. Dear Yamiche somehow got through her segment without wiping the snow (I hope it was snow) from below her nose (not visible in this picture; well, the nose is, the snow isn’t), and at the end of her bit, a giant snowflake landed on her lashes, which made Judy giggle. Yamiche was a pro through it all.

At least one alert reader noticed that Judy sported a necklace last evening.

Loyal viewers know how rare this is, which brings us to our second closeup.

I didn’t say it would be a good closeup.

Does anyone know who designed it?

If It’s Pittsburgh, I’ll Post

Judy is sticking with the blues this year. I wish I had gotten a better shot of this jacket. Simple and elegant.

Yamiche’s coats continue to impress. This camel is one of my faves:

I like Gina McCarthy’s look. As we age, we become more sensitive about the appearance of our necks (wait, should that be plural? The subject is plural, but I only have one neck). Judy doesn’t appear to want to camouflage her neck, but that is one more thing to love about her. Many of us wear turtlenecks, but I like Gina’s upturned-collar. The blue-with-the-grey-with-the-red my God is that mohair worked for me.

Now on to the Pittsburgh part. Judy had two mayors on her show, a jag-off (Pittsburgh epithet) from Midland, Texas and the kooky mayor from Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto. The jag-off from Midland opened his remarks by saying, in a jag-offy voice dripping with sarcasm, “sorry about your Steelers.” Entirely inappropriate tone for Judy. Also, last I checked, no Texas team was in the playoffs this year. Stupid jag-off.

Peduto looks like some crazy Santa-meets-Just-for-Men. Why dye the hair and not the beard, Bill? I liked what he had to say about the equipment to fuel the energy of the future being built in the US, but the giant beard and the zippy sweater detracted from the seriousness of his remarks.

Short blog today because it was just one show!

It’s Raining Men!

RIP Hank Aaron.

Judy must know that royal blue suits her. I like this (new, I think) dress. Not so much the meh sweater set.

I still like this wrap top. Could be J. McLaughlin for all I know. Becoming.

Yamiche’s background is the same but still… striking. Her makeup continues to be flawless. I wish she would wear something other than black.

Lisa has been looking Sharpie lately. She is learning to accessorize, too.

The cat scooted out of the frame at the beginning of the segment.

I will bet any takers that Lisa will wear this outfit on Valentine’s Day:

Heather Boushey was not shy about product placement for her book, Recession Ready. Always fun to play “spot the pimped book.”

Today’s blog has three men, which could be a record. Usually Judy’s men are boring clothes-wise, but not today. Prez Joe (how fun is it to type that) has been looking swell. Like the shade of this jacket and the rep tie. I saw him recently in a black suit with grey pinstripes. It was too Wall Street.

Who remembers Devo?

Devo 1982 - Rock Scene Auctions

This guy does!

Holy cow. This image alone was worth the whole hour. What if those aren’t frames but a unibrow? The New Wave decor is right in line with the hair and fashion picks. There is a light illuminating only the corner of the painting behind him. Choice wall color. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it in the frame, but there is a tiny picture about three feet up on the far right of the couch. I give Masha props for going whole hog ’80s though. You don’t see that often.

Much more interesting that this joker:

Something about him made want to clock him one. Maybe it was his 90’s hair, swept back and long. Maybe it was the pineapple tie. Maybe it was the stupid spread collar on this shirt. Maybe it was this clearly-decorator-done living room. I would have liked the mural/wallpaper behind him if he hadn’t obviously chosen it as his background. Blech.

We Made It!

But first a quick wrap-up of the show during the Before Times:

On Monday, Judy was working, though it was a national holiday. She’s amazing. She wore blue again. I love this suit.

But the real story was Lisa. No cat in evidence, but ewww. Look at that blanket. Nasty black cat fur all over it. I think the cat must have disappeared from the blanket just before Lisa’s segment, because I swear I heard a “meowrrr” at the end, which surprised Lisa and caused the camera to cut back to Judy before she seemed quite ready.

Inauguration day finally arrived. What a great day! Little Blogette (my daughter) was in tears watching the first female veep get sworn in.

Judy was in red for the big change. Only Judy could button all of the buttons on her blazer while sitting down. Damn that woman.

Yamiche must have ten coats. She was the cat that ate the canary Wednesday, barely suppressing a grin for her entire segment. She looks great in pink and the makeup, including pink lipstick, was flawless. Yamiche, an Alpha Kappa Alpha sister from G’town, gave a shout out to Kam’s membership in that sorority.

Ohh la la! Lisa was so fetching in her beret! Even Judy said, “We like the beret, Lisa,” at which Lisa positively beamed, even under her big red mask.

OK let’s get down to it. Inauguration fashion here we go.

Joe looked great in a blue tie. Finally we don’t have to stare at the extra-long red tie on the fat man anymore.

The whole Biden family looked nice, and I cannot always say that. To quote CNN, “[Jill] Biden stepped out wearing a fresh blue tweed coat with velvet cuffs and a dress embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. The outfit came complete with a matching face mask and was the work of another emerging designer, Colorado-born Alexandra O’Neill of the American label Markarian.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Poet Amanda Gorden looked radiant in sunny Prada. How could you go wrong with that?

Amanda Gorman delivers a poem after Joe Biden was sworn in.

Kam chose purple and of course pearls. As Cosmo put it, “Watchers knew that the shade signified unity, a blend of Democratic blue and Republican red. They also cheered on her choice of not one but two Black designers, Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson, shining a spotlight on young American fashion talent. And the pearls! Her signature pearls shone in the winter sunlight, a beacon to those supporters who wore theirs to celebrate her, and in solidarity with her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters who were cheering her on.”

Bigger photo:

What the Inauguration Said About American Fashion Today

Even Kam’s great-nieces were in on the fashion show. They sported bespoke coats made by I Love Plum, designed to mimic a coat Kam had as a child:

Vice President Kamala Harris and great-niece at the Inauguration

The coat can be your child’s for a mere $200:

Kamala Coat

Not surprisingly, Michelle stole the show. She looked FANTASTIC. Couldn’t display her arms in this weather, but just look at her in a matching plum coat, sweater, pants, and belt designed by Sergio Hudson:

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

She told her stylist later that she was comfortable, on top of it all!

Gaga looked amazing to sing the national anthem. She’s such a great fashion icon. Look at the giant dove brooch on the Schiaparelli haute couture design—a fitted navy cashmere jacket that gave way to a voluminous washed red silk faille skirt:

joe biden sworn in as 46th president of the united states at us capitol inauguration ceremony

And I would be remiss if I didn’t share my fave meme on Bernie’s look:

“Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.”


Happy days!

Yamiche Was Wearing Whaaaaa?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. It’s dear that Yamiche wore her version of Judy’s famous Escada sunburst outfit. I think last Friday was Yamiche’s first time hosting Washington Week, and she dressed for success. Of COURSE she wanted to look just like Judy. Shout out to a loyal reader and also to my mom for alerting me to this flattery.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 537f9f43-53a9-4cb6-b21f-205f1cb6c00e_1_105_c.jpg

I must report the good and the bad. .Judy had a miss last night. Those greens were not the same shade, but they weren’t far enough apart to complement each other, either.

Even Judy can’t go all-Escada all the time.

A wise and suspicious reader suggested that Lisa has been feeding her cat to entice it to appear on television. Lisa knows the cat is part of her schtick. Mr. Blogger reported that, during the insurrection at the Capitol, one legislator told Lisa, “I love your cat.” I reported a while back that I thought the cat was hacking up a hairball, but maybe it was enthusiastic scarfing of the goodies Lisa had provided.

Keep watch, alert readers.

The cat was in evidence on Friday (see below), but not yesterday:

Correction: Judy did NOT select a woman to replace Mark. She chose Jonathan Capehart. I found him to be much too enthusiastic about telling us what he knew and thought. We’ll chalk that up to new-guy jitters.

Still, what does this man have to hide? I ask because Mr. Blogger noticed that the book to Capehart’s left is turned backwards so we cannot read its spine. Good job, Mr. Blogger! We can see the picture on the back, just barely.


Keep watch, alert readers.

J. M. Berger managed to flog two books at once on Judy. He was on the show to discuss his book, Extremism. He took the opportunity to display prominently his “new dystopian novel,” Optimal, off to his right.

If anyone reads that, do let me know!

January 5 – An Unexpected Delight

I think this blue outfit is new for 2021. Not sure. Judy is on a blue roll.

I had not planned to blog on Tuesday’s show, but those of us who tuned in were rewarded with some gems.

Two things about Amy’s appearance last night on Judy: (1) Amy is clearly a Judy wannabe. Everyone knows Judy has been wearing blue of late; and (2) Amy had the temerity to correct Judy, not merely to question her. Amy used the word “correct” to Judy in response to Judy’s use of the word “certify” about the action Congress would take on the Electoral College vote.

I could swear Judy gave Amy the stink eye.

I present to you Stephen Fowler of Georgia Public Broadcasting. I ask that you take in the whole scene: the guitar jutting out of his head, the sad-but-hopeful “Live Broadcast in Progress” sign in the background, the sadder tarnished horn, the saddest dead plant. There’s so much that could be said here, but a picture’s worth a thousand…

If you had asked me, “what painting would a former Secretary of Defense choose to display on his (all men so far) wall?” I might think of Washington crossing the Delaware, a photo of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima, but I would not think…


Yes, Bill! You do you! Cheetahs! What was that discussion with Mrs. Bill? “”Let’s go with an animal motif for the den, honey.” “No, hamsters wouldn’t send a suitably masculine image for the former Secretary of Defense.” “What then?” “Let’s go big cats!” I want to know everything about that conversation.

And G-D matching cheetah pillows. Nailed it.

Sometimes Tuesdays are great.

Happy 2021!

Judy hasn’t busted our her new Christmas outfits for us yet, preferring instead a blue sweater set. Is it even a set? The blues are different shades. Still, blue suits her.

I was just thinking the other day that sales of lipstick must have plummeted last year, what with all the mask-wearing. Dr. Shanti Akers hasn’t given up the ghost. She chose just the right shade. Love her bookshelf — definitely not just for show.

J. David McSwane reported from his kitchen on the problems in the VA health system. Tough report, and tough sartorial choices. Did J-Dave find his schedule so packed that he didn’t have time after the show to change from work into camping togs before his friend picked him up for their trip? Nice faux-shearling vest and flannel shirt.

Note the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products to his right. Costly, but great-smelling.

A new era begins:

David moved from his disturbing living room into what looks like his – nicely decorated – attic for the arrival of Ruth Marcus. He looks sad not to be with Mark, but I know he will do his best.

Look how happy Ruthie is to be on the show! Nice bookshelves. Nothing special to note in her outfit, other than that she is also wearing blue. Go Judy for choosing a talented woman to succeed Mark. Still missing him though.

Hooray for Gabriel Sterling, the GA elections official who called Trump’s assertions of voter fraud, “all easily, provably false.” Today, the Times reported that when he heard about Trumps’s call telling his colleague to “find votes,” Sterling said, “I wanted to scream.” I love him now.

But I would be remiss if I failed to note that he looks a lot like a young Roger Ebert:

Contributors | Roger Ebert

In other news, for those of us who thought Ted Cruz couldn’t look any creepier, I present to you…
His Covid beard!

Yamiche, on the other hand, looks great. Readers have complimented her makeup before and I join that chorus. I like white on her and her outfit looks great. I think she has that top in black, too.

I guess we have borne witness to her re-decorating efforts. First, the shelf looked plain weird with just the sunbursts and the all-white pottery. Now she has books to balance the look. First, the rain cups (thank you, dear reader) were empty. Now they have what I believe are fake plants in them.

Lisa went for her school-marm look yesterday. She has taken down her decorations (easily beating me) and the cat is sleeping sweetly.

I liked Fred Dust’s Brief But Spectacular, also from his kitchen (nice oven) on the importance of conversations.

I certainly enjoy mine with you. Let’s keep them up in ’21!

Holiday Judy-Spectacular!

On Wednesday (12/23 – I have to add dates because it’s been so long between posts), Judy wore what one reader described as a “Star Trek” sweater set. I get that. I love the Christmas decorations to her left and right.

We all want to be cozy and we (not Judy) have lowered our sartorial standards during Covid, but this was too low for me, though not for Mister Blogger:

Politico’s Anna Palmer thought far enough in advance of her appearance to frame the word
“Politico” off to her right (may be out of this frame) but not enough to get out of her cozy jammies. Fleece or fuzzy sweaters do not fly on Judy’s NewsHour.

Show some respect, woman.

I was dazzled by the older workers — ones who had chosen to keep working, not been forced to — on another segment Wednesday. I adored May Leet, a finance professional, who started her career using an abacus. She was as charming as she looks in the photo below:

Now on to Mark Shileds…

Mark’s departure last Friday (12/18) – Reader, I cried – was also a chance to review Judy’s outfits and hair over the years. She wore a red shell under a black jacket for the occasion. Who doesn’t love that caption?

As we watched a montage of Mark’s many years on the NewsHour and its predecessor, the MacNeil/Lehrer Report (they even brought Robin MacNeil out of retirement for the occasion), we were treated to bonus shots of Judy over time. What fun!

I think this was ’90s Judy, based on the hair (mine was that blonde then). Her arms were a point of pride even then:

This can be none other than ’80s Judy:

Heavy Princess Di influence there, clearly. I never imagined I’d see Judy in heart-shaped earrings. Magenta was def an ’80s hue.

We even got to see Judy interact with Mister Judy, both in shades of green!

We love Judy in any era. Look – she’s wearing the Star Trek sweater set in 2020, pre-covid, too:

Mark changed so little over the years, it’s heartwarming. David jested that Mark grew up in the ’60s, and so did his ties.

I had glasses this size, too:

I love this photo with Missus Mark:

And my tears started flowing freely when she popped into Mark’s closet, and ordered him to “move over, ” to which Mark obediently replied, “yes, dear”:

How do we love the NewsHour? Let me count the ways…

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and here’s to 2021!